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IV All-Russian Competition "Step into Science"

15.10.2018 00:00

Participants in the competition can be senior students, undergraduates and graduate students of universities (also foreign students) studying in the natural, technical and human sciences, up to 35 years.

Scientific directions of the competition:

  1. Sustained energy (Electric power engineering, Electromechanics, Heat-and-power engineering, Advanced nuclear power technologies);
  2. Resources of the planet (Geology, prospecting, exploration and processing of minerals, Transportation and storage of hydrocarbons, Water resources of the planet, Geoecology, environmental management and processing of natural resources);
  3. Industrial and High Technologies (Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Biotechnology and Biomedicine, Materials and Technologies of the New Generation in Modern Materials Science, Space Materials Science, Innovative Technologies in Mechanical Engineering, Electric-Discharge, Beam-Plasma and Photon Technologies, Electronic and Biomedical Engineering, High Energy physics  and Accelerator physics);
  4. Information technologies (Information systems and technologies, Automation, mechatronics and robotics, Automation of technological processes and production);
  5. Safe environment (Instruments and methods for monitoring the natural environment, substances, materials and products, Nuclear and physical methods in science, technology and medicine, Technosphere safety);
  6. Humanitarian aspects of engineering activity (Noonomics, New Industrial Society, Innovative development of regions in the digital economy).

To participate in the Competition you must:

  • Register on the Contest website by filling in the Registration Form and attaching an Application for participation in the competition (Form 2, Form 3) - from September 1 to October 15, 2018. All necessary forms for filling can be downloaded on the website.
  • send in a print of the competition documents - until October 15, 2018.



634050, Россия, г. Томск, пр. Ленина, д. 30, Томский политехнический университет, Центр научной карьеры (ЦНК)

(with the mark «IV Всероссийский конкурс НИР «Шаг в науку»), website мероприятия: konkurs-nir.tpu.ru