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Exhibition Dedicated to "Prometheus" Student Design Bureau Opens in Moscow on 26 January

26.01.2017 00:00

It will be opened for general public from 27 January to 26 February.

"Prometheus" student design bureau (SDB) together with the Moscow-based "Department of Research Arts" center, "NII" (Science and Art) x Alpbau" art-space with the support of the "Triumph" art gallery will present the exhibition project called "Prometheus. Demo: The experiment promises to become art". The exhibition will open its doors for general public on 27 January and will last till 26 February.

The team of "Prometheus" has long been a part of KNRTU-KAI, first as a special design bureau, and later as a joint research institute of experimental aesthetics.

There will be presented several archives, video works, installations dedicated to the activities of "Prometheus". Visitors will be able to learn the history of the famous student design bureau through documentaries, old TV programs, manuals on the development of light-music instruments. There will be shown either the most important works of "Prometheus" such as installations, video art and other objects, recognized in the context of contemporary art, as well as lesser-known projects and artifacts – above all the results of experimental studies in urban architecture and interior design. The title of the exhibition is the reference to 1965 film "The experiment promises to become art": the organizers emphasize that the project is built around experimental search for ways of synthesis of science and art.

The exhibition aims to outline possible ways for future historical and art-work with the archive bureau, whose activity – a multi-faceted and unique of its kind – Is still not fully discovered. The huge contribution of the "Prometheus" in the development of video art is widely recognized, but there is still no definite answer to the question: "What exactly are their experiments – a science or an art practice?" Being members of the engineering institution, "Prometheus" members offered aesthetic solutions for interior design and urban environment, they spoke at conferences and published articles in magazines about art.

In the framework of the educational program of the exhibition several researchers, art historians and artists will share their experience of work with archives, in particular with those of the "Prometheus."

The event will take place in "Research Institute (Science and Art) x Alpbau" art cluster (13/15s3 Nastvnichesky lane, Moscow) Facebook page of the event

According to the "Research Institute (Science and Art) x Alpbau" materials