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«KAI is a formidable university that never gives anyone any favors»


General Director of "Stella K" JSC, produsing Electronic warfare systems, shared his impressions about KNRTU-KAI and its graduates.

Leonid Kapelushnik comes of a family of KAIsts, graduated from the faculty of aircraft engines in 1996. Now he leads «Stella K», which developes and produces Electronic warfare systems including airborne defense systems for aircraft and armored vehicles.

We publish extracts from the interview with Leonid Kapelushnik for «Business-online», where he told about influence of KNRTU-KAI on his further life and KAI reputation as strong technical university.

- How did you come in defence industry?

- My family is close to the faculty of aircraft engines. My grandfather graduated from the Faculty, then my parents did. All of them worked in defense industries. In a manner of speaking, my fate was sealed. Besides, I always had a craving for technical sciences and technology, which led me to KAI. Graduated from the university, I have never practiced – bad times, you know. Besides, I got married early, I ought to feed my family, made my business. For example, before I came in defence industry, I built cottages. But I wanted more. I’m glad that I’ve had an opportunity through many years to do what I really like. At the first time I worked in Zelenograd, that’s why I came here experienced.

- Does KAI students from KAI come to work for you, and how do they differ from the students of your times?

- Since 1996 when I graduated from KAI, nothing had really changed. These people are purposeful, motivated. KAI is a very serious technical university that has never given, nor will give anyone any favors. Let me give an example. In the first year, 25 people were studied in our group, and only six were able to finish. Therefore, random people simply do not remain. Recruiting workers, we give priority to those who received the KAI diploma.

But, again, in the 90s, and now there wasn’t and there is no such thing as an independent engineer leaving the university, ready to fully work at the enterprise. Probably, it is necessary that a senior student had more opportunity to devote time to practice.

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