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Russian scientists first tested a quantum encryption at distances of 143 km


Fibre-optic connection line connected Quantum center laboratory with “Rostelecom” uplink in Apastovo.

Kazan Quantum Center (KQC) of KNRTU-KAI jointly with “Rostelecom” and “Tattelecom” companies successfully exchanged quantum encrypt keys on the fibre-optic connection line (FOCL) 143 km long. It’s a new world record for current commercial connection lines. Earlier in 2018 such a technology was tested by “Rostelecom” under the 58 km FOCL.

In Tatarstan test FOCL connected Laboratory of Practical Quantum Cryptography in KNRTU-KAI KQC with communication center of “Rostelecom” in Apastovo. Trunk networks of two independent telecommunications operators – ‘’Rostelecom” and “Tattelecom” – was involved in testing, that’s important for practical implementation of quantum communications.

One of the hardest technical tasks is to support the transmission of quantum keys for long distances in fiber-optic lines. The test prototype of data transmission and reception complex with hybrid quantum-classical protection was developed in KNRTU-KAI and supported delivery of quantum keys for long distances. It includes the system of quantum keys distributed at side frequencies,  crypto router and highly effective detector of single photons created by the “SKONTEL” Russian company. The development of the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University) was used as the initial system of quantum key distribution.

“The implemented technology of quantum communications makes it possible to achieve the highest level of protection of data transmission over optical fibers at distances greater than 100 km that is currently known, which is ensured by the direct use of the fundamental laws of quantum physics,’ – the director of KQC Sergey Moiseev reported.
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Russian scientists first tested a quantum encryption at distances of...


Fibre-optic connection line connected Quantum center laboratory with “Rostelecom” uplink in Apastovo.

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