Deutschland Stipendium

Deutschland Stipendium - scholarship for Germany


  • The scholarships includes 300€ per month​

Application in Ilmenau: 15th May

Application in Magdeburg: 15th April - 31st May

Application in Kaiserslautern:  End of May to beginning of July


Required documents:

  • Application form,
  • Certificate of enrollment for WS 2022/23
  • CV in tabular form,
  • Bachelor's certificate,
  • proof of admission  and General Provisions of TUIlmenau (aptitude test for MA students),
  • proof of academic achievements to date,
  • Short report (max. one DIN-A4 page) on your career during the previous period of approval, including any
  • any involvement outside of the course of study,
  • Proof of academic achievements, internships, stays abroad during the previous approval period, which make statements about the quality of the achievements

Criteria of selection

  • ​ special achievements, awards and prizes in connection with academic education,
  • previous professional activities / internships / voluntary service of at least 1 year (full-time or at least 50% part-time),
  •  extracurricular / extracurricular involvement during studies (for 1st and 2nd HS during baccalaureate studies), - gainful employment during school / studies (to the extent of at least 50% of a full-time position),
  • taking care of own children or relatives in need of care, 
  • status of an asylum seeker or entitlement to asylum,
  • chronic illnesses and disabilities,
  • Parental home without academic background,

For Ilmenau

Find out more on the website of the TU Ilmenau

Apply here on the 

page of the TU Ilmenau 

Contact :

For Magdeburg

Find out more on the website of the OVGU Magdeburg

Apply here on the page of OVGU Magdeburg


For Kaiserslautern

Find out more on the website of the TU Kaiserslautern