A new platform for German-Russian Collaboration



Our Mission

The German-Russian Institute of Advanced Technologies (GRIAT) is a unique educational platform that unites German and Russian universities and companies, trains multilingual engineers with global engineering skills, encourages multinational research and development activities, and promotes cross-cultural understanding and friendship between Germany and Russia.


Our Goals and Objectives

GRIAT’s goal is training highly skilled specialists in accordance with German standards of education within the walls of the leading engineering university in the Russian Federation - TU Kazan. Together with educational programs, students and faculty from both TU Kazan and German partner universities are working on joint research projects, collaborate with German and Russian engineering companies, exchange experiences and advance industrial technologies through their educational projects in both countries.


Welcome to GRIAT! 

As our goal is to have up to 1.000 students enrolled in our MSc courses by 2022, we are always ready to implement new MSc programs, to start new joint research projects or solve R&D projects given by the industry. Our current and new partners have the unique chance to join the process of training elite global engineers, who are much more competitive in the employment market due to the experiences they receive in the double degree program, thus enhance your reputation and status!