Association of International Students

One of the key objectives of the University‚Äôs internationalisation strategy is to grow the international student community by creating an inclusive environment and building an effective support system for international students. To create a friendly multicultural community, the  Association of International Students of KAI (AIS-KAI) was founded on 24 May 2014. The Association's main goal is to provide a platform for international students to use and develop their interests and talents by participating in a wide range of extracurricular activities.

AIS-KAI in collaboration with the Office of International Affairs organizes over 30 cultural, social and recreational programmes and events annually.  These activities are aimed at helping the international students in the process of adaptation to the life in Russia, enabling access of international students to various resources, programmes and services, encouraging active student involvement in all aspects of University life.

As part of AIS-KAI project a number of clubs and initiatives were launched: Traditions of the World project, International Students Sports Club, Tourist Club,  International Student Success Center.

International students of the KNRTU-KAI take part and become winners of national, regional and inter-university competitions and events such as International Student Festival, Student Spring, Pearl of the World, etc.

All programmes and projects implemented within the framework of AIS-KAI have created the environment that enhances a positive University experience for international students, who now have many opportunities to get involved in a richly diverse social life of KNRTU-KAI.