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Champion of the XVII Olympic Games, Three-Time World Champion and Four-Time European Champion in Weightlifting.

Aleksandr P. Kurynov was born in the Vladimir Region. He started training in weightlifting in 1952 while studying at KAI.

In 1956, he fulfilled the Master of Sports Standard, in 1958, he took the third place at the Moscow International Competition, broke the world record for clean and jerk (169.5 kg) and two-hand snatch (134 kg). In 1959, A. Kurynov became the Winner of the Cup of Peace, and won it in 1960-1962.

His biggest success came in 1960 in Rome, where Aleksandr P. Kurynov won the Olympic Gold Medal, defeating Tommy Kono (USA), the legendary Iron Man, and setting world records in the clean and jerk – 170.5 kg and in triathlon – 437.5 kg. As a result, he was awarded the title Merited Master of Sports of the USSR. The victory at the Olympics was the greatest sensation in the world of sport.

Aleksandr P. Kurynov also performed successfully after the Olympics: he became the European Champion and the World Champion in 1961-1963. In his entire career, A. Kurynov was able to set 14 world records and 15 records of the USSR.

In 1964, the Olympic Champion retired due to a medical condition and turned to coaching.

Senior trainer of the Tatar Council of the Burevestnik Voluntary Sports Society (1958-1968), trainer of the Kazan School of Higher Sports Mastery (1968-1971), engineer at the Research Institute for the Implementation of Computing Technology (1971-1973).

In 1990, by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, a Memorial Plaque in honor of Aleksandr P. Kurynov was installed on the building of Kazan Aviation Institute (the Fifth Building of KNRTU-KAI, which is located at the Freedom Square). Traditional international weightlifting competitions are held annually as part of the memorial to Aleksandr P. Kurynov, the Olympic Champion.

Aleksandr P. Kurynov:

  • Head Coach of the Burevestnik Sports Society (1958-1968),
  • Coach of the Kazan School of Higher Sports Mastery (1968-1971),
  • Engineer at the Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science (1971-1973).