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The electronic resources of KNRTU-KAI include

  1. E-library with
    • - Branches
    • - Academic Writings
    • - Theses and Author’s Reviews
    • - Manuals, Training and Teaching Aids
    • - Monographs
    • - Periodicals
    • - Training and Teaching Materials
    • - E-lab Statistics
  2. Electronic Out-Sources
  3. Russian Network Resources
  4. Overseas Network Resources
  5. Text-Resources
  6. References

The electronic catalogue of KNRTU-KAI scientific and technical library contains bibliographic records of all types of documents from the KNRTU-KAI l library’s fund, published in the form of various storage media in different chronologic periods. The completeness is guaranteed since 1991.  It includes collection of articles and electronic resources.

The e-library of KNRTU-KAI  includes full texts of author’s reviews, manuals, training and teaching aids, lecture courses, conference materials and other writings of KNRTU-KAI ‘s teaching faculty and staff  in  a PDF-format. As far as new material is submitted, the e-library is updated. The “Retrofund” collection contains a bibliographical description and complete texts of works, published from 1811 till 1950. All of them are represented in a PDF-format. The e-library of KNRTU-KAI embraces:  teaching aids of KNRTU-KAI , the “ Retrofund”, magazine articles, writings of  KNRTU-KAI ‘s researchers.

The KNRTU-KAI scientific and technical library supports training and research conducted at the university, provides access to the world knowledge and information by means of arranging its book stock and introducing cutting edge technologies.

The library has a book collection which is unique in its completeness – over 600 thousand copies. It contains the writings of many renowned workers of science, culture, education, philosophy, etc.  And although much time has gone since the day of their publication, these works are still studied and will be used by successful researchers as well as students from different educational institutions for writing their graduation papers,  reports and  conducting independent research.