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Health & Support

University’s Social Welfare

Social welfare of KNRTU-KAI students is represented by a system of measures, determined by legislation and other laws and regulations, and is aimed at creation and support of decent living and working conditions for students and postgraduates.

Basic spheres of social maintenance include:

  • Scholarship assurance;
  • Free medical service;
  • Organization of leisure and summer holidays;
  • Arrangement of physical training and recreational activities;
  • Support of students with scarce allowance;
  • Organization of catering facilities;
  • Assignment of dormitories for nonresident students.

The procedure of scholarship assignment and payment to the KNRTU-KAI full-time students from the federal budget funds as well as the procedure on implementation of other forms of financial support given to students is determined by the “Regulations on scholarship assurance and other forms of financial support provided for KNRTU-KAI students and postgraduates”.

Social welfare is implemented by paying to students and postgraduates annual allowances for purchasing scientific manuals; law-regulated payments to individuals on full state maintenance (payments to orphan-children and children without parental custody, annual allowances for purchasing training manuals and writing instruments,  financial benefits for reduced fare in public transport, allowances for purchasing food,  clothes, shoes, stationary, manuals, etc.).

Besides, the focus areas of students’ social welfare encompass temporary employment, competitive enhancement of students and postgraduates, extension and strengthening of external relations with employees.

 KNRTU-KAI Health and Recreation Center at the “KAI-Olymp” Sports and Leisure Complex

There are the following medical treatment rooms in the Center: rooms for light- and electric treatment, thermotherapy, mud therapy, hirudotherapy, an aerosol inhalation room, a massage room, a room for medical procedures, a dentist’s, otolaryngologist’s, psychologist’s offices.

Since April 2012 more rooms for medical treatment were opened: mud treatment, ozone therapy, hirudotherapy, a phytobar.

Our address: Kazan, 18-Bolshaya Krasnaya Str., Building  No.2 of KNRTU-KAI students dormitory.

KNRTU-KAI First-Aid Facility

The KNRTU-KAI First-Aid Facility renders first medical aid free of charge for students of the University in a volume determined by the Russian Federation Program on State Guarantees. There are rooms of a dentist and a therapist as well as a room for medical procedures. It there is need in a comprehensive medical checkup or advice of a doctor in a different special field, the students can refer to the students’ polyclinic.

If you need to get medical help at the KNRTU-KAI First-Aid Facility, you have to address the reception office of the unit and submit the following documents: the compulsory health insurance policy and a student identification card.

Our address: Kazan, 7/9 – Bolshaya Krasnaya Str., Building  No.1 of KNRTU-KAI students dormitory.

For any information you may contact us by phone (843) 231-01-33.