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Run «The First» - Run with KAI!


More than 100 people joined charity run «The First».


Last Saturday, September 29, 2018, at the KNRTU-KAI campus on Chetaev Street, a sports race took place. Competition is named after the first supersonic passenger plane Tu-144 (on the basis of which an interactive museum is being created), its 130th anniversary designer Andrey Nikolaevich Tupolev and the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the legendary airliner.

Before running, the participants were warmed up by instructors from the Zumba Fitness program. Such active charging was necessary: in order to run 2500 meters (recall that the length of the distance was chosen in honor of the maximum speed of the Tu-144 - 2500 km / h), you need not only to be in excellent physical shape, but also to warm up well.



Before the start of the race, the guests and participants were greeted by the dignitaries and the organizers of the competition. The deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, a graduate of the KAI of 1984, Marat Bariev rose to speak:

- Good afternoon, dear friends! I’m happy to greet all participants, all of you who supported the call to celebrate the date of the Tu-144 first flight and Tupolev’s anniversary. I wish you good luck and hope that there will be another actions before the museum opening and there will be more people with an active lifestyle.

Pro-rector of KNRTU-KAI Alexey Ogonev also welcomed the participants:

- Also I want to thank the action group, that keeps this race going, and of course you, our dear participants! It doesn’t necessary  to be the first, because you have already won - yourself, first of all, because you came here to take part in the race.

The executive secretary of the selection committee, Roman Moiseyev, joined in the congratulations:

- On behalf of the organizers of this race, I want to thank you, dear friends, that you came here to participate and cheer for your loved ones. We run a race for the second time this year. It is a joy to see here the veterans of the athletics, all concerned athletes and joggers. Let the strongest win!



Places are as follows:


  • 3rd place - Julia Tikhonova, gr. 9103, Institute of Economics and Social Technology Management;
  • 2nd place - Evelina Turchak, school №98;
  • 1st place - Tansilu Shigapova, c. 5105, Institute of Radioelectronics and Telecommunications




  • 3rd place - Evgeny Klimenko, c. 5106, Institute of Radioelectronics and Telecommunications;
  • 2 place - Alexander Izipaev, gr. 3444;
  • 1st place - Evgeny Klementyev, European School of Running.


The youngest participants of the race: Alexandra Krupko (2006), Ramil Mukhametgaliev (2007), Adelina Naumova (2006), Ralia Syuyumbaeva (2005), Kirill Shligidin (2005).

All participants received souvenirs, and the winners and prize-winners received diplomas and souvenirs.

Photos from the event are available in the photo gallery in the official group of KNRTU-KAI VKontakte.


Photos from the event are available in the photo gallery in the official group of KNRTU-KAI VKontakte. 

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