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Graduation Ceremony of GRIAT Masters


The fourth graduation ceremony was held as part of the celebration of the 5th anniversary of the GRIAT.

On Wednesday, the 11th of September, the Graduation Ceremony of GRIAT Masters took place at German-Russian Institute of Advanced Technologies. That was key event in whole celebration of the 5th anniversary of the GRIAT.

Parents and relatives of alumni, rectors of partner universities, lecturers and representatives of partner enterprises. A video with shots about the most important events recalled the past five years.

The Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan German Lerner said the first parting  words this  evening: “GRIAT is a combination of traditions and innovations of engineering education. Despite its young age, the project occupies a worthy position in the education arena. Let me congratulate you on your successful ending, the future is yours!”



The German-Russian Institute was created by KNRTU-KAI in partnership with leading technical universities in Germany: Technical University Ilmenau, Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg, with the support of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the government of the Republic of Tatarstan.


The rector of KNITU-KAI Albert Gilmutdinov was the first to address the audience: “I want to use the opportunity and talk about the reasons for its creation. Firstly, our university prepares the best engineers in the country, and with the involvement of the best technical universities in Germany, we get great opportunities for all of you! Secondly, in addition to English, here you get acquainted with the language and culture of Germany. Thirdly, for two years in a magistracy you receive a diploma of KAI and a partner university. Studying at GRINT is very difficult, but it is incredibly interesting! ” Then Albert Harisovich gave the souvenirs to partners.



The next speaker was the rector of TU Ilmenay Peter Scharff: “Today is a great day for graduates. Since you have chosen international education, the whole world is open to you. You are ready to do more than others, you are capable of much, and you bear a strong responsibility to society. I do not wish you an easy life, — but a fulfilled life. So that in the end you can look back and be proud of what you have done.”

Rector of Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg Jens Shtrakelyan continued a series of congratulations: “During a home meeting of undergraduates with my family, my wife and daughters said that in addition to education, you will gain experience in cultural communication, that will give you much more than just training. I wish you and your families a better future.”

DAAD spokesman Stefan Gayfes concluded a series of speeches: “Happy birthday, GRIAT! 5 years is a short period of time, but much can be achieved during this period. The goal reached by the institute during this time can be called outstanding. A distinctive feature of GRIAT is the ability to obtain double diplomas. Graduates, you have become part of a large family. Congratulations, you have made great strides.”



Next, representatives of the Siemens company were invited to the stage, with which KNITU-KAI and GRINT are associated with many years of fruitful cooperation. The first to come was Dietrich Möller, the former president of Siemens in Russia, one of the institute's first partners. Albert Harisovich thanked him for his joint work and invited his successor, Alexander Liberov, president of Siemens in Russia. Martin Gitsels, Head of Corporate Research and Technology, also walked onto the stage. He awarded scholarships to three GRIAT undergraduates in their first year of study: Timur Mardanov, Alexander Fedorova and Islamia Gilmanova.

Albert Harisovich thanked the partners for their cooperation and also gave the souvenirs in honor of the 5th anniversary of the GRIAT.

Then the rectors of three universities started the most solemn part - the graduation ceremony. Four best teachers and the best graduate were awarded separately.



The ceremony ended with the launch of pigeons on the porch of the GRIAT building. This is a symbol of the beginning of a new life, peace, friendship and devotion to the native Alma mater. Graduates threw their confederates goodbye to the university.


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Graduation Ceremony of GRIAT Masters


The fourth graduation ceremony was held as part of the celebration of the 5th anniversary of the GRIAT.

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