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Quantum Center

Kazan Quantum Center is a product of collaboration between three main laboratories all majoring in the field of quantum communication. Together they tackle a wide spectrum of fundamental and applied problems ranging from high resolution spectroscopy and single photon sources all the way to quantum cryptography.

    - Laboratory of Quantum Memory is to create an effective Raman photon echo quantum memory in a rare-earth doped crystals
    - Laboratory of Photonics and Fiber Quantum Optics deals with single photon sources, ultra-short light pulses and high quality fibers
    - Laboratory of Quantum Cryptography aims to create a functional quantum network and realize a secure and reliable connections between several nodes

For the additional information we encourage you to visit our weekly scientific seminar and check out our academic works.

Studies and research in the field of applying integrated CAD/ CAM/ CAE/ PLM/ ERP Systems for Mechanical Processing