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Enrolment Procedure for German Universities for the Winter Term 2022/23


At the moment it is not possible to obtain a German-Russian double degree within GRIAT, but there is still the possibility for GRIAT-students to enrol at one of the GRIAT-partner universities for studying a semester in Germany or even completing a German diploma there. Since the procedures slightly changed compared to previous years, recent information about the enrolment process is collected here. The applications should be handed in at the German Universities until May 15th.


Technische Universität Ilmenau - GRIAT Partner Universität

For enrolment at TU Ilmenau all relevant information can be found here. The application documents have to be submitted online via the application portal of TU Ilmenau: tu-ilmenau.de/apply
Since you are applying for admission outside of a GRIAT-double degree programme at TU Ilmenau, please note that the requirement for English-language proficiency is slightly higher (IELTS with 6.5 points instead of 6.0). Please also note although you hand in scanned copies of your documents, you have to provide the originals (or at least verified copies) upon arrival at the university in Germany as well. Without them you cannot be enroled.


Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg - Partner university GRIAT

For enrolment at OVGU Magdeburg the application process is described on this webpage (here is an example of the application form). A list with the required documents is also contained in this PDF-file. Since there are uncertainties about the required time for mail delivery from Russia to Germany applicants can send the documents bundeled together in a single pdf-file to the following e-mail address: Ulrike.Schmidt@ovgu-magdeburg.de. Please set the GRIAT-coordinator at OVGU, Reena Schliephake, in copy as well (Reena.Schliephake@ovgu-magdeburg.de). The documents handed in should be scans of verified copies and applicants need to provide the originals (or verified copies) at the admission office in Magdeburg upon arrival.

Technical University Kaiserslautern - GRIAT Partner university

For enrolment at TU Kaiserslautern in the Computer Science programme, applicants need to submit their application via this webpage. The documents handed in should be scans of verified copies and the originals (or verified copies) need to be provided at the admission office in Kaiserslautern upon arrival.