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How to improve your German during summer?


You've already learned a little German, but want to work on it some more? You have more time in the summer, but don't know where to start?

Do you like music?

How about listening to some German music?

Use Youtube Music and read the lyrics while you listen to them! Here you have a great playlist 

Use Lyricstraining and learn with music!!! Here is a great song!!! 

Meet people and talk!

Here in Kazan you can meet with others who are also learning German! Differently said The group Anders gesagt always meets on sundays and even if you don't understand so much yet then just come and visit us! Join their telegram group here

Have you ever tried German food?!

You are not in Germany, but you want to try German food!!! Try these places:

Maximilians will make you feel like you're in the south of Germany right away. The decor is reminiscent of the beer cellars in Munich and the waiters walk around in dirdel! On Trip Advisor you will find more information! 
I especially recommend the Schnitzel and the great selection of sausages!
You can find the restaurant here Spartakovskaya, 6 Suvar Plaza Trade Center, Kazan 420107 Russia.

Let's go to Beerhouse. You can find this restaurant here Astronomicheskaya, 10 (Kazan, Russia)  

Merle Klemens, director of the German center, lector for German classes
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