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What is the best way to prepare for the English exam?


What do you need to know? How can you prepare?

English plays a unique and dominant role in the world. There are about 1 billion people in the world for whom English is a native or second language. There are many different goals for learning English, and they can be different for native and second language speakers. In order to study abroad, you must pass an English language test.

In Germany, you will need a language level of at least B2 (CEFR) to enroll in English courses. The following English language exams are accepted for study at German universities: Our students currently use: IELTS Scores. Ilmenau 6.5 - Magdeburg 6.0.

Check out your current English level!

You first need to find out your level (you can do the free online tests), then do the IELTS practice test online and find out your current scores, this would be your starting point. Preparation for the exam usually takes from six months to a year, but as said above, this period will also depend on your initial level of proficiency.

How does the IELTS work?

Here you will find information about the test format as well as the practice test. The exam is divided into 2 types: standard and academic. We need an option for university admission, so let's look at the academic module. You can come to the exam at any level, because it does not divide tasks into levels, it is the same for all, but gives different scores depending on the number and quality of completed tasks. The structure of the exam is typical: listening, writing, reading and speaking.

Find out more about the structure of the IELTS exam!

If you have a high enough level, you only need to learn the structure of the exam, increase your vocabulary, collect good writing patterns and logical transitions that can be used not only in the written part, but also in the oral part. Find out more here!

What alternatives are to IELTS?

For the past month it was difficult to pass the IELTS test and many universities are accepting more and more other tests. There is English score that is a online test. Download it manually on your phone and try it out for free! You can use it to know your current lanugage level or pay to get an official paper. Make sure that it is accepted by the university you want to apply for. Our partner university in Ilmenau accepted this year the test and Magdeburg is in the process.

How GRIAT will prepare you for the English test?

At GRIAT, preparation for the exam lasts the entire first semester, and the exam itself takes place in mid-January. Of course, preparing for this exam is a huge amount of independent work. You can study a few hours every day, or 4-5 hours every other day. One day a week you have two English group classes. Classes with a teacher are necessary for you to get feedback, whether you are moving in the right direction, in order to know what is missing, and what to pay attention to. That's why it's highly recommended to attend them.

Which ressources can help you?

There are many resources on the Internet that you can use. Below the article you will find some useful links. Work regularly on all four competences, learn new words and start using them straight away, find a speaking partner in your study group, read a lot (any texts will do), practice listening by watching your favorite English movies and TV series, but remember to have a rest. If you are interested in Grammar, have a look here.

One more thing: it doesn't take forever, you will stay in such active regime for one semester, but make up your mind, show self-discipline and go! We wish you success and keep our fingers crossed for you!

Eleonora Chugunova, GRIAT English and German teacher, responsible for the preparation for IELTS
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