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How to build your career?


Are you ready to enter graduate school and have a major in IT or engineering; are you goal-motivated and want to travel; are you brave enough to master the English language curriculum?

I'm on the plus side: English-language master's program + internships abroad

Then GRIAT opens the door for you, and with it, the road to opportunity! What advantages await you along the way?

  • International level in your career. You can work in any organization in your field of specialization in any country of the world and get experience with other cultures and people;
  • You will be more competitive: an employer will choose you from many, because you have additional competences - good technical and spoken English and experience of studying abroad;
  • You will have access to the latest research, which in many disciplines is only available in English, and you will keep abreast of current scientific debates;
  • You will be the most valuable employee in your company, as you will understand all documentation in its original language;
  • You can always enter and maintain contact with foreign partners, no matter what country they are from, because the world does not stand still, and growing successful companies need to exchange experiences with their foreign colleagues.

Why should you study with GRIAT?

In order to help its students get internship experience in a foreign university,

  • GRIAT finds and selects grant programs, contacts foreign universities, prepares for interviews and provides all kinds of support in getting grants.
  • GRIAT students go abroad to study on various foreign and Russian grants.
  • The most popular of the latter is the Algarysh grant, which is implemented in the Republic of Tatarstan and gives students an opportunity to intern abroad in educational and scientific organizations. Learn more about the Algarysh Grant.
  • You can still go to Germany on a individual base! Here you find our German Partner universities
  • We have very a large varity of interesting programs for you from programming to electrical engineering! Read more about the programs! 

Now that you have clearly seen your advantages, start your way to success. Open the doors of GRINT! Check out the available fields of study here:    Apply for admission here

Nasima Vasilova
https://griat.kai.ru/apply, https://griat.kai.ru/partner-universities, alga.tatarstan.ru/o_grante.htm