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What makes us different from other educational institutions?


Video - GRIAT Benefits


Double degrees in only two-years! GRIAT students get their German and Russian Master of Science degrees just after 4 semesters of study. So studying at GRIAT not only saves your money, it saves the most important resource in life, which is time!

Another benefit of studying at GRIAT is, that our graduates leave the institute as Polyglots. All GRIAT courses are exclusively taught in the English language. But GRIAT students are also offered an opportunity to learn and enhance their language skills in German. So at the end of their study our students can fluently speak English and acquire basic language skills in German.  To know many languages is nowadays a must-have for engineers. In the globalized world, the companies are connected over country borders, many companies are global players with their representatives spread all over the globe.

After completion of studies at GRIAT our graduates are capable of working worldwide and their German-Russian double degree gives them the legal right to do it – German and Russian MSc degrees are accepted in any country of the world! So if GRIAT graduates decide to go and work abroad  they don’t have to get reeducated.

GRIAT has very high qualified teaching staff. Our students are educated by Russian and German professors. Over the first two semesters of MSc studies German professors come to GRIAT to deliver lectures and seminars – a combination of the best teaching experience from Russia and Germany!


Benefits for Students

  • Double degree programs enhance students‘ independent study and research skills, develop critical thinking, ability to live and work in a multicultural environment, think outside the box, become more flexible, accepting of differences and tolerant, and of course, GRIAT broadens students‘ horizons
  • Opportunity to get internships in leading German and Russian companies
  • Do cutting-edge research with the best German and Russian professors
  • Apply for joint PhD programs
  • Two diplomas: from TU Kazan and German partner university (at the moment: TU Ilmenau, OVGU Magdeburg, TU Kaiserslautern)
  • 2 semesters GRIAT students study in TU Kazan, the third semester they study in a German partner university, the fourth semester students go back to Russia or may stay in Germany to finish writing their MSc thesis
  • 2 German professors fly in as a “flying faculty” each year to give lectures at TU Kazan in each MSc program for a period of 10 days each.
  • Medium of instruction is English in Russia and Germany
  • German language teacher (native speaker) offers German language classes during the first two semesters in Kazan, and GRIAT students enroll into German language classes while they are in Germany.


Benefits for Partner Universities

  • Master theses in the English language that combine the best research developments from Germany and Russia in a specific subject area
  • Joint supervision by German and Russian professors of Master thesis of GRIAT students, developing joint research projects and further familiarizing one another with the standards of German/Russian education and research.
  • The most talented students with good subject matter knowledge, English language skills, leadership and other soft skills are admitted into the GRIAT programs
  • Participation in GRIAT is one of the strongest indicators of internationalization of education, research and industrial partnerships between Germany and Russia – an integral element in global economy
  • Working in GRIAT is a de facto opportunity for ongoing professional development for German and Russian faculty as they develop joint curricula, assessment procedures and other study regulations – it serves as an excellent opportunity to innovate both the structure and content of education at each partner university
  • GRIAT students and faculty make use of the best research centers and labs, library resources and other facilities of all partner universities that might be missing in their home institutions.
  • GRIAT encourages academic mobility of faculty and promotes joint academic and research grant applications of Russian and German faculty


Benefits for Industry Partners

  • Highly competitive alumni who speak fluent English, have decent German language skills, know the educational standards of German and Russian systems, familiar with expectations and requirements for engineers in both countries, have experience living abroad and are able to work in multilingual and multicultural environments, are ready to continue their education anywhere in the world – thus, they are the best candidates for being hired by international companies or German and Russian companies doing business with foreign countries.
  • GRIAT also educates students to become future ambassadors in respective countries, to support the penetration of educational, research and industrial activities from Germany into Russia, and vice versa.
  • Alumni promote the best engineering standards, are more open than others to work with partners/customers/clients from both countries in their jobs
  • GRIAT systematically invites industry representatives to give open lectures to GRIAT students and faculty to familiarize them with their companies, promote their services and products and to attract the best graduates to their companies
  • GRIAT organizes various tours to company facilities, manufacturing plants and workshops
  • GRIAT welcomes opening company’s research centers or labs in GRIAT facilities as well as making use of company’s facilities to carry out educational and research activities.