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Contact Information
Russian Program Director

Igor Anikin

German Program Director

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Pu Li

Program coordinator

Igor Anikin
Full professor, DSc.
+7 952 042 14 58, IVAnikin@kai.ru

GRIAT officer

Aysha Sled
Admission Officer
+7 903 061 40 22, aasled@kai.ru

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Research in Computer and Systems Engineering

Program description

​The program is aimed at achieving research skills in the following fields of Computer Science: Big Data, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Telecommunications and Network Secuity, Optimization Methods. It includes such basic courses as Artificial Neural Networks, Parallel Computing, Software Architecture, Information systems, Research skills seminar as well as such advanced subjects as Advanced Telecommunication Networks, Statistical Data Analysis, Deep learning etc.

Students during their study are involved into the complex group projects and at the 4th semester they prepare and defend Master thesis under the joint supervision.

2 years
15 - budget places
4 - contract places
2 diplomas
English-taught program

1st, 2nd and 4th semesters
3rd semester
Admission requirements
Main subjects

  • Software and Systems Engineering
  • Advanced Telecommunications Networks
  • Deep Learning
  • Complex Embedded Systems
  • Software Architecture
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Parallel Programming
  • Computer Systems
  • Neural Networks

Master Thesis topics

  • Framework for Identification Co-location Patterns in Big Spatio-Temporal data
  • Identifying frequent trajectories in spatio-temporal data streams
  • Cloud web-systems builder
  • Integrated development environment for cloud web-systems builder
  • Efficient calculation of OLAP CUBE
  • Optimization of tiles relocation software development
  • Processing of big dynamic graph data
  • Scalable and Anonymity Preserving Overlays for Voice over IP Communications
  • Event Correlation on Uncertain Data
  • Online Clustering on Uncertain Data Stream
  • Matrix Operations for Analyzing Dynamic Data
  • Motion interpolation as the way to decrease hardware performance requirements for game engines
  • Querying Big Graphs in Data flow language
  • Better Stopping Criterion for SCPN Simulations
  • Uncertain spatio-temporal data analytics in STARK Framework
  • Spatial Autocorrelation in Co - location Patterns Mining
  • Detection Spatio-Temporal Outliers in ST Data (emergency dataset)
  • Augmented Reality in the Industry
  • Sensor Data Validation
  • Concept and implementation of a Blockchain demonstration unit within the smart grid
  • Framework for spatio-temporal data mining in emergency service GLONASS+112
  • Text recognition on tags for augmented reality application
  • Conception and demonstration of software and system architecture designs for data acquisition and processing considering a distributed and service orientated energy management
  • Learning event patterns in Complex Event Processing
  • High-performance complex event processing
  • Synthesis and Analysis of Elementary Algorithms for a Differentiable Neural Computer
  • Road Traffic Congestion Detection Based on Video Analytics

Russian curriculum
English curriculum
Flying faculty

Places of employment

  • ICL
  • InnoStage
  • Road Safety State Company
  • Ak-Bars Bank
  • BARS Group
  • IT BSA
  • Center Group