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Study in Germany


When going for studies in Germany, students can benefit from a range of great opportunities!


Excellent Higher Education and Infrastructure

  • Good infrastructure for learning and research at German universities
  • Study programes based on internationally renowned curricula, especially in the engineering disciplines, with a practice-oriented teaching methodology
  • Students get actively engaged into the research activities at universities during their research project and master theses
  • Depending on specialisation profile of the universities, often highly sophisticated research facilities and co-located research institutes (e. g. Fraunhofer or Helmholtz institutes) offer interesting possibilities for later PhD-work


Internationally Recognized Degrees

  • Master degree in accordance with the Bologna model, ensuring a unified and internationally recognized degree


Study Programs taught in English

  • Teaching language is English, lowering the threshold to study at German universities because English is taught as a second language at the majority of schools and therefore being pratised usually already several years
  • No need to prepare sufficient language skills in an additional foreign language beside English to be able to start studying


Great Job Opportunities

  • Possibilities to gain work experience in a certain research field by working as student research assistant at the German host university or at nearby research institutes
  • Internships, while not always beeing paid, are usually a good possibility to gain first work experiences in a company and can lead to a great future job after obtaining the master degree
  • Plenty of opportunities to start a job career after graduation at German companies, especially in the engineering field


A chance to explore all aspects of life in Germany

  • A vivid cultural life with plenty opportunities to participate in events is usually taking place at the German partner universities of GRIAT
  • Often at the host university in Germany a semester ticket for public transport is included in the semester fee, enabling exploration of the surrounding area of the university city during free time
  • Reasonably priced travel opportunities via train and long distance busses available, making it easy to travel throughout Germany and even neighboring countries