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Admission Requirements

Two possibilities

1. German-Russian Double Master Degree

Study at GRIAT with 3rd semester at German partner university.

General requirements:

  • Proficiency of English language on level B2, IELTS test (min. 6.0) before 3rd semester
  • Bachelor of Science in engineering (average grade min. 4.0)
  • Interview with Russian and German program coordinators

2. Russian Master Degree

Study at GRIAT in Kasan, optionally study one semester in Germany as exchange student.

General requirements:

  • Proficiency of English language on level B1-B2, IELTS test not mandatory
  • Bachelor of Science in engineering 
  • Interview with Russian program coordi-nator
  • Study in Germany not mandatory, possibility to save living costs by staying in Russia

For specific requirements click on the corresponding study program:

Electrical Engineering & Information Technology - GRIAT double degree​​Chemical &Energy Engineering  - GRIAT double degreeSystems Engineering & Engineering Cybernetics  - GRIAT double degree

Communications & Signal Processing  - GRIAT double degree Research in Computer & Systems Engineering - GRIAT double degreeAutomotive Engineering - GRIAT double degree

Embeeded Systems - GRIAT double degreeIntelligent Data Processing - GRIAT double degreeAdvanced Quantum Technologies