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Criteria for admission to the GRIAT-study program

System Engineering and Engineering Cybernetics 

Previous Education Average BSc Mark Basic Knowledge in

Bachelor of Science in systems engineering and technical cybernetics or in
related specialties (in KAI
they are as follows:

27.03.04 - Control in technical systems

24.05.06 - Aircraft Control Systems

15.03.06 - Mechatronics  and Robotics

15.03.04 - Automation of
technological processes and production)


  • Computer science (theory, programming in C ++ or Pascal, object-oriented programming, programming in MatLab)

  • Electronics (calculation of DC and AC circuits, semiconductor devices - diodes, transistors, operational amplifiers, discrete and digital electronics, triggers, logic elements, registers, microprocessors)

  • Theory of automation control (ordinary differential equations, analytical and numerical solution of differential equations, transfer functions, state space, characteristic equations, stability criteria, frequency characteristics of systems, system quality indicators, programming skills in MatLab)