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Words of welcome from the President of the association

Dear students,

My name is Marc Djerambete and I am the President of the KNRTU-KAI Association of International Students (AIS).  I am a third-year student, field of study "Aircraft Engineering", Institute of Aviation, Land Vehicles and Energetics.

I come from the Republic of Chad, which craftsmen built the legendary boat "Ra" from papyrus that by sailing, proved the connection of peoples at all times.  AIS KAI can be compared with an international crew, learning science together and opening up new horizons.

The crew that brings together representatives of different nations, religions and demonstrates fruitful cooperation between people.

For us, Association of International Students of KNRTU-KAI is:

 - making new friends from all over the world;

 - the opportunity to realize your potential as an organizer, manager, creative person;

 - participation in scientific, educational, cultural and sports events.

 Join our international crew!